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  • so who is Asuka Kanea and Maggie O'Brehon? well it's just me. both those names are my pen names. Asuka Kanea, sometimes spelled Keina (that's spelled in Romanji) was my old pen name back in high school, which I started in fall of 98' and graduated in 2002. I might have been called a weeb back then but weeb wasn't a term then. I did think of my self as an otaku, but that seems like phase for a lot kids now. I only really used it Asuka Kanea for art because I still have my old Deviant Art account and for FanFiction. One of the reasons I used it was because I always wanted to write Manga in Japan and at the time I was studying Japanese everyone in america told me they'd never accept a western artist so I chose a pen name. no Japanese or Japanese american ever said they wouldn't want an american artist and now there are Westerns in the Anime/Manga industry. when they do say something about it they're mostly just worried about Forginers being over worked to death. I chose Asuka for the first writen period in Japanese history, the Manga publisher that published X by Clamp, and Asuka from Evangelion. I used the name for a lot of online things. Kanea is my actual last name but it's pronounced 'Kay nah' and in Romanji or japanese words spelled with roman letters it's Keina. my Last name is polish and honestly no one in american seems to be able to Pronouce it, but everyone one in japan could, which was one of the things I liked about japan.

    I decided I should have Pen name that was a better fitting name and didn't give the idea that I'm japanese, since I wanted to write in my own country. So about 12 years ago when I was 25 I chose Maggie O'brehon. Brehon is the word for a judge in Iron age Ireland and the law code from that time which I've always found interesting.

    while I made all the graphics on this site the brushes I used to make these were from Obsidian Dawn. you can find their stuff here.

    obsidian dawn